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Social Emotional Curriculum

Students at Hanover are provided many opportunities for Social/Emotional learning. Once a month, each advisory class does a group based on the curriculum provided by Generation Schools Network. Once a month, each class will have a group with Ms. Nina based on that months WhyTry theme. In middle school, there is also a monthly Random Acts of Kindness lesson each month. There are daily announcements with an inspirational quote, a healthy growth mindset, or a mental health tip. These are all based on the monthly WhyTry theme. In addition to this, there are weekly restorative justice circles in middle school led by each grade level’s appointed class leaders. Restorative justice, growth mindset, and Capturing Kids’ Hearts are threaded in our daily actions.

We have been so lucky to receive a grant from Generation Schools Network. Monthly SEL curriculum as well as resources for staff, parents, and students. We are beginning to introduce this programming. The goal is to do 1 group with their advisory class completing the monthly activity for the curriculum.

We focus on growth mindset every week. Students get a new mindset, inspiration, and mental health tip each week that tie into the WhyTry theme. Growth Mindset is threaded into all SEL curriculum.

We use WhyTry curriculum to help students with motivation, building relationships, accomplishing goals, and using tough times to propel you forward. Students get 1 lesson per month from this curriculum.

Restorative justice (RJ) is the practice of using restorative communication strategies to address and solve conflict. In Middle School, each grade meets every Friday in advisory to do a restorative justice circle. There are 2 class leaders who were chosen by peers that help facilitate the groups. When there is conflict between students, we often use RJ practices before using disciplinary action first.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a great program that we utilize the principles of in our school. When not in times of Covid, we greet students with a handshake each morning at the door or at the very least a greeting, and we make an effort to say goodbye to students every day. We try to build and foster genuine connections with our students to help them reach their full potential. We ask the “4 Questions” when addressing a student about their behavior: what are you doing, what should you be doing, are you doing it, and what are you going to do about it.

Random Acts of Kindness is additional curriculum provided to us by Generation Schools Network. February is Random Acts of Kindness month sponsored by our Middle and High School Diversity Clubs. We are also beginning to implement this more, and will have 1 lesson taught in advisory each month to our 6th-8th graders.