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Transportation Department

You may or may not know that Hanover School District No. 28 is the largest district in El Paso County spanning 266 square miles.  With 10 experienced drivers, 7 buses and three vans, we run 11 separate routes daily and 3 additional route on Mondays, traveling a solid 1100 miles a day.  Our staff takes pride in providing safe and reliable transportation for our kids bringing unsurpassed peace of mind to parents.  Our buses are maintained to the highest state of readiness with daily systems inspections conducted by our dedicated and highly-trained staff.

For students that live out east in the Hanover area, each child is picked up and dropped off at their home address.  Pick-up and drop-off times for each student is scheduled after annual registration and depends on the number of students being transported.

For students that live in the Midway/PPIR area, students are picked up and dropped off at set bus stops.  There are three bus stops in the Midway area for students that attend Hanover Jr/Sr High School.  Student’s home addresses will determine which of the three stops they will use.  Because elementary-age students living in the Midway area reside only about one mile from Prairie Heights Elementary, they are dropped off and picked up at the school by their parents/guardians.

For students that live behind Pikes Peak International Raceway or live out of district, buses pick up and drop off students for each age group in a large, open area right beside the raceway.  There is a separate bus for each school, Prairie Heights Elementary as well as Hanover Jr/Sr High School, that picks up and drops off students.

For more transportation information, please call our Transportation Department (719) 683-2247 x300.


Hanover Jr/Sr High School

Prairie Heights Elementary School

PPIR Bus Stop

Midway Bus Stop

Transportation Team

Ashly Almeida

Transportation Director

[email protected]

719-683-2247 ext. 300

Grady Ingram

Assistant Transportation Director

[email protected]

719-683-2247 ext. 301

Ron Howard

Bus Driver

Boyd Robertson

Bus Driver


Bus Driver

Ed Sweazy

Bus Driver - Substitute

Monica Valle

Van Driver

Edward Sweazy II

Van Driver