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RTI/MTSS for Academic Support

Hanover JSHS RtI/MtSS Tiered Approach

The JSHS RtI/MTSS model is anchored on the 3 Tiered approach where 80% of all interventions occur with instructional best practices (Hattie, Marzano, McTighe). Hence, our focus on instructional best practices. Our Advisory period was put at the end of the day(35 minutes) so students could travel to teachers and our Learning Centers for academic support and on Tuesdays and Thursdays attend our after-school Learning Centers (staffed with content area faculty and paraeducators) for an additional 120 minutes of intervention time. All tolled; this could give students who take advantage of it, a total of 310 minutes of intentional intervention time/week. 

We also aligned our “extended classroom (i.e. activities and athletics)” practices with our coaches and sponsors where eligibility is concerned. If students are not eligible, they are required to spend time, not practice, in the Learning Centers until grades are brought to proficiency. 

Too, our Counselor tasks with calendar time during this period to perform her “affective” education (i.e. ICAP/Naviance, Why Try, Restorative Justice) for each class throughout the year. 


The Response to Intervention model I have developed at Hanover Junior/Senior High School, obviously, infuses a multi-tiered support system. Where my model differs from MTSS (MTSS is also 3 tiered approach, Colorado uses a 5 tiered approach)) is that I utilize intensive affect interventions at higher end Tier 2 and Tier 3 within my RtI model (i.e. intensive affect – see above) that is automatically assumed with MTSS (i.e. behavior). Where time is critical for support and many items in RtI and MTSS overlap (i.e. venn diagram), we try to expedite our processes with affect interventions through our PLC processes (for data) and referral documents where needed. 

As there are no College Readiness Standards put forth by the College Board in regards to PSAT and SAT, the message illuminated by ACT is very similar no matter what the assessment platform is; district, state, and national readiness standards need to be customized, aligned, and implemented with fidelity as we do at Hanover Junior/Senior High School. 

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Dear Parents, Staff, and Teachers, 
This is not the way I hoped to make first contact with many of you. Unfortunately,  the district has experienced an unfortunate failure that has interrupted the water supply to the Admin and JSHS facilities.   
Because of this, I,  with input from the board, have decided to push school opening at least one week, as we assess the issue and devise a remedy.  For now, new staff will report on August 9th, all staff will be at District training on August 10th, Building training will take place on August 11th, and classes will begin on August 12th. 
Please feel free to contact your school or District administrator if you have any questions. As always I am available to talk at any time. We appreciate your patience during this delay. 
Thank you and we’re looking forward to an excellent new school year for The Hornet Nation. 
Kyle Cooper 
Hanover School District