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About Us

Why Choose Hanover?

VISION Statement

We prepare students in an inclusive community with opportunities and experiences to create successful individuals.

MISSION Statement

Our mission is to foster a safe school environment that promotes positive relationships, inclusion through collaboration, diversity and  acceptance, respect with responsibility, sensitivity and honesty, while developing the academic and character skills to serve our students throughout their lives.


We will …

  • embrace a growth mindset to help create a successful learning environment.
  • engage in positive behavior support to increase accountability.
  • demonstrate respect and encourage acceptance of all to create a safe environment. 
  • value every child as they are worthy of a good education.
  • provide greater athletic and creative opportunities that are conducive to higher academic achievement.
  • continue to be flexible in order to provide opportunity for growth.
  • optimize class sizes for social and academic success.
  • create an approachable environment gained through casual, yet professional demeanor where strong relationships are built.
  • provide high quality education utilizing a four day week.
  • maintain a caring staff willing to help students succeed.

Hanover School District #28 has engaged in a continuous improvement process. The process utilizes the Baldrige Excellence Framework within the federal government’s Baldrige Performance Excellence Program: Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award. Only nine schools districts in the United States have received this prestigious award. 


The Baldrige Criteria are a valuable framework for measuring performance and planning in an uncertain environment. The Criteria help education organizations achieve and sustain the highest national levels of

  • student learning outcomes
  • customer satisfaction and engagement
  • product and service outcomes, and process efficiency
  • workforce satisfaction and engagement
  • budgetary, financial, and market results
  • social responsibility


Hanover’s effort to earn the recognition is more focused on the continuous improvement opportunities the process provides. The many district processes and details will be identified, refined and implemented. Engaging on this journey began in the Fall of 2017. It is expected to be a multi-year effort.