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A total of 24 credits earned during grades nine through 12 are required for graduation. A credit is defined as the amount of credit given for the successful completion of a course which meets for at least 36 weeks or the equivalent. Successful completion means that the student obtained a passing grade for the course.

The following criteria shall entitle a student to a high school diploma:

      • Achievement in the district’s academic standards as demonstrated by mastery of the curriculum which may include, but is not limited to, daily classroom assignments, state and district assessments, classroom assessments, and student participation in, and completion of, assigned projects.
      • Completion of 24 credits in grades nine through 12 in the prescribed categories listed below.
Subject Area Total Credits Required Must Include
4.0 Credits

English 1 and English 2 or Equivalent

4.0 Credits
Algebra and Geometry
4.0 Credits

Biology and Physical Science

Social Studies
4.0 Credits

American History and 12 credit in American Government and Financial Literacy

Foreign Language
1.0 Credits

Any Foreign Language

1.0 Credits

Any PE/Health Courses

1.0 Credits

Any Technology Courses

4.0 Credits

Any Elective Courses

Individual Career and Academic Plan

ICAP Completion

All students must complete an ICAP to be eligible for graduation

Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstrations
(beginning with graduation class of 2021)

Students must choose one option

Classic Accuplacer: English: 62 Reading Comprehension or 70 on Sentence Skills, Math: 61 on Elementary Algebra

Next Generation Accuplacer: English: 241 on Reading or 236 on Writing;  Math: 255 on Arithmetic (AR) or 230 on Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS)

Concurrent Enrollment: English/Math: D or higher

ACT: 18 on English and 19 on Math

ACT WorkKeys: Bronze or Higher on Math and English

Advanced Placement: 2 on English, 2 on Math

International Baccalaureate: 4 English and 4 on Math

District Capstone

Industry Certificate

SAT(New Redesigned): 470 English and 500 Math

ASVAB: 31 English and 31 Math

24 Total Credits

Board Policy IKF: Graduation Requirements