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Bullying Prevention Practices

Bullying Intervention

Bullying Prevention Activities

Counseling Office

To address the needs of students and make sure that bullying is being addressed and prevented, we have created a bullying intervention matrix. This is combined with our discipline matrix to make bullying prevention more serious to the students. Restorative justice practices are used first in combination with interventions decided at PLC. If more incidences occur (or more serious incidences), disciplinary measures are involved.

This year, our Diversity Appreciation Club and National Honor Society planned a bullying intervention activity for the afternoon of our future day. This involved creating class contracts, discussing the impacts of bullying, and how to get help or help others who are struggling with bullying. The classes then did games to boost support within the classroom. The goal is to make each grade level feel like a community of support for the students in it. More activities to come next year, when we do not have COVID restrictions.

We noticed that middle school students seem to need a bit more support with bullying prevention and social emotional skills. We like to focus a lot of our social emotional learning in middle school so we can prepare them for high school and beyond. The counseling office was moved to the Middle School hallway so that the counselor can be more accessible to students and teachers. Students have been using this resource more. This relocation has led to increased rapport and opportunities for experiential learning.