Welcome to Prairie Heights Elementary

Welcome to Prairie Heights Elementary School located in Hanover School District Re 28. Here at Prairie Heights Elementary we focus on more than just core academics. We are dedicated to the students being successful not only in their education, but also in their social skills.

We are a PBIS school under the guise of SWARM. Safe, Wonderful, Accountable, Respectable, and Motivated are the behaviors that we are expecting our students to display. Students are rewarded for their behavior by receiving SWARM tickets and they may turn them into the office for special prizes. We have a weekly SWARM assembly in which a member from each class is drawn and they also receive a special prize. Each semester we provide our students that have received high numbers of SWARM tickets with an additional opportunity to receive even bigger and better prizes!

Our teachers provide quality instruction with instructional strategies that match the student’s needs. Our teachers have extensive knowledge in teaching all students to succeed in core academics. We look forward to challenging our students’ minds and provide research based interventions for students that may be struggling with some of their academics. Students at Prairie Heights Elementary are surrounded by an atmosphere that engages and welcomes higher level thinking.  Students at Prairie Heights Elementary also experience the magic of music, physical education, art, and computers every day. We have designed a schedule that allows all students to receive all specials every day!

Prairie Heights Elementary serves preschool through 5th grade. We have open enrollment in the beginning weeks of August every school year. We also accept students that have moved into our district at any time throughout the calendar year. We hope that you will come see what all the BUZZ is about our SWARM-ee school!


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