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April 17 — Board of Education Meeting @ PHE 6:30pm

April 23 — PTO Meeting @ 6-7pm

April 26 — BINGO for Books (BINGO and Dinner) 6-7:30pm





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Prairie Heights Elementary is a peanut and tree nut aware school.  Please try NOT send any peanut or nut foods with your child since some of our students have a nut allergy.


ATTENTION PARENTS: Currently, there have been several children out ill as well as children coming to school ill with one thing or another.  Please read the “When To Leave Your Child At Home” guidelines provided by Colorado Department of Health and Colorado Department of Education.When To Leave Your Child At Home

Please, if your child is ill, DO NOT bring them to school!

Students need to be on their anti-biotic and now fever for at least 24 hours before returning to school