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Growth Mindset is infused in our daily routine and is always encouraged. Every week, we have a set of growth mindset quotes shared during announcements to help students connect the monthly SEL unit with their daily lives through a growth mindset. Each week they get an inspirational quote, a mindset to focus on, and a mental health tip. All are geared towards developing a stronger growth mindset. School is the training ground for adulthood, and we must prepare them to have a growth mindset and push through hardships to make it to success.

developing a

growth mindset

Turn negativity into opportunity to learn and be stronger!

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Dear Parents, Staff, and Teachers, 
This is not the way I hoped to make first contact with many of you. Unfortunately,  the district has experienced an unfortunate failure that has interrupted the water supply to the Admin and JSHS facilities.   
Because of this, I,  with input from the board, have decided to push school opening at least one week, as we assess the issue and devise a remedy.  For now, new staff will report on August 9th, all staff will be at District training on August 10th, Building training will take place on August 11th, and classes will begin on August 12th. 
Please feel free to contact your school or District administrator if you have any questions. As always I am available to talk at any time. We appreciate your patience during this delay. 
Thank you and we’re looking forward to an excellent new school year for The Hornet Nation. 
Kyle Cooper 
Hanover School District