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Communication and Community Outreach


How We are Keeping You Connected, Informed, and Supported:

Click HERE for our District Communication Plan
District Website/calendars

The website houses the District’s Academic Calendar  approved by the Board and the District’s Google Interactive Calendar  where updates are made to events and sporting activities.

The website also houses links to current headline stories, the monthly district newsletter, open employment positions, live streaming of Board of Education meetings, the finances of the district, and the academic calendar.

Community Resource Website

This website contains a plethora of Hanover community information including: career and academic support, community connections, financial and resource assistance, food and nutrition, and physical/mental health resources.

District Newsletter

On a monthly basis the district newsletter is published. The newsletter link is  found on the district website. If you prefer to receive the newsletter by mail contact your child’s  school to let them know.

Counseling Newsletter

On a monthly basis, the JSHS counseling newsletter is published. This 2 page newsletter for JSHS students and families provides information on college readiness, social skills conversation topics for the family aligned with the current months social/emotional lesson, scholarship information, and tips on academic success, emotion management, and community resources.

Student and Family Advocate

Thanks to a grant from Generation Schools Network, our district now has a student and family advocate. Mr. Steven Gold is here to serve our highly mobile students to make sure they are getting the support and access needed to be successful.

PTA Community Closet

Our PTA has started a community closet this year to support community members. During the holidays, they were able to offer free holiday shopping to many families. Resources are available year round. Please contact Linda Childers or Mrs. Lyndsey Lynch for more details.

Board of Education Meetings

The Board of Education meets monthly on the third Wednesday of each month, starting at  6:30pm. Parents and community members are able to sign up to speak at the start of each meeting by  filling out the BOE Public Participation Form before the meeting begins. All meetings are open to the  public. You are able to attend the meetings or watch live using the live stream link. All past meeting video and audio links are accessible as well.

EZ Message System

The district uses a student database system which has the ability to send text messages, emails  and phone calls to parents. Both schools and the district use the EZ Message System to send  reminders to parents, announcements and other necessary communications. Parents are asked  to be sure their current email and phone numbers are up to date by informing the school. 

Town Hall Meetings

On a monthly basis the Superintendent hosts online Town Hall meetings. Parents and  community members are able to participate in these monthly meetings. The Superintendent  starts each meeting with an update of current news, and then opens the meeting up for  questions from parents and community members. This format is designed to be a  communication tool, as well as an opportunity for feedback. 

District Accountability Meetings

The District Accountability Committee reports to the Board of Education. The committee is composed of community members approved by the Board of Education. The committee  includes staff members and parents approved by the Board of Education. The District  Accountability Committee meets on a near monthly basis to perform the responsibilities set  aside by the Colorado Department of Education, and approved state legislation. Parents, staff, and community are allowed to observe these meetings in person. Additionally, the District  Accountability Committee co-chairs make a verbal report to the Board of Education at nearly  every Board of Education meeting. The report can be witnessed by attending or watching the  live stream link of each Board of Education meeting.

Parent Teacher Organization / Parent Teacher Student Association

Both schools have a parent organization that meets monthly. The purpose of these groups is  to communicate updates, respond to questions, support the school through parent led  activities, and support fundraising. The PTO group at Prairie Heights Elementary School posted  the minutes of all meetings on Class DoJo. 

Booster Club

Hanover Jr-Sr High School has a parent run Booster Club. The purpose of the club is to support the athletics and activities at the school. The Booster Club holds fundraisers to include running concessions at athletic events.  

Class Dojo

Prairie Heights Elementary School uses Class DoJo for multiple purposes. Teachers and staff use  Class DoJo on a daily basis to communicate with parents. School specific announcements and  celebrations are posted regularly on Class DoJo. All parents are asked to register with Class DoJo  to receive these communications. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Twice a school year the schools hold conferences for parents and teachers. The purpose of the  conferences is to provide an update on student academic, social and emotional status. Parents  are advised to attend their student’s conferences.  

Report Cards

On a quarterly basis the schools send to parents the academic progress through a report card.  The report card serves as the current progress of each student in meeting the standards and  curriculum objectives for each grade level and course. 

Parent Portal

Every parent is assigned a login to the Alma parent portal: PHE, JSHS, HOA. The portal is a direct-connect to the  student database system. Parents are able to login to the portal to view the current gradebook  for their child, attendance, any disciplinary actions, and any positive actions. 

EZ School Pay

Parents are able to view the current balance and to make payments for breakfast and lunch. The  system is an online program. Payments can be made online using a credit/debit card. As well,  payments can be made by giving the school office cash or check. You can also fill out the free/reduced meal application through this program.