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Ms. Nina Geoffroy-Suppes

School Counselor, Community Advocacy Intern
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (719) 683-2247 ext. 238
Work Cell: (209) 809-1517

Hi everyone! I look forward to working with you! You may sometimes hear me called Ms. Geoffroy at school, but usually students just call me Ms. Nina. This will be my third year as the counselor at Hanover Jr/Sr High School, and it is a dream come true. This Fall I am also the district’s Community Advocacy Intern.

I find that it is really important to trust those who are advising you, so I thought I would share more about what got me here. My passions are helping students reach their goals despite any barriers they may encounter, effective communication, suicide prevention, and community building. I am in my last year pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work and have a BA in Speech Pathology and Psychology. Prior to this, I worked in in-patient mental health with patients of all ages, but particularly with those under 18. I worked closely with kids 1 on 1 and running groups to help them move forward in difficult situations. During this time, I was also working as a Cognitive Brain Trainer. I helped kids figure out what skills they were needing to build in their brain (ex. attention, short term memory, reading comprehension, etc.) and did activities with them to work on these skills. It was like a workout for your brain! I spent a year interning as an elementary school counselor in District 11. Before this, I was a Speech Pathology Assistant for a private company where I helped children who had immigrated to the United States working closely with an interpreter and learning Spanish (still a work in progress!). Right after college, I was a preschool teacher and nanny for children with disabilities. I have a passion for research and base everything I do on this. One day, I hope to open a private-practice in a rural community. My many experiences have helped me to have a greater understanding of interactions, communication patterns, trauma, and learning styles and patterns. I use all of these plus a lot of research to work the best I can for you. I believe you are the experts on yourselves and have a lot to offer the world. My job is to help you discover your greatness and find opportunities to succeed, despite any obstacles you may be facing.

I am pursuing my Masters Degree at University of New England for Social Work online and graduate this December. This has given me a lot of experience with the positives and negatives with online schooling. With our online program, I aim to set you up for success and will happily share any tips with you. I received my Bachelors Degree is from CU Boulder (Go Buffs!) in 2015. I considered many options for college, such as going out of state, staying home and doing community college first, or going to another city in the state I loved. I followed my heart and truly found the right fit for me, and I hope to help you do the same, whether that be junior college, trade school, university, or military. My goal is to help you find where you will be happy and achieve the most growth and success. I understand that finances can be a concern for many, and as someone who went through the financial aid process and worked to put myself through school, I can offer lofts of advice in this area. For high school, I graduated in 2011 from Doherty High School in Colorado Springs. There I played tennis, was co-president of Diversity Council, a member of Tree Huggers Society, choir, and National Honors Society. I would love to help build after school clubs, so reach out if you have any ideas!

When I am not at work, I spend my time with my husband and 2 dogs, Gizmo and Gidget, our large extended family, and friends. I spend my free time hiking, reading, cooking, singing and making music in our home studio, snow boarding, crafting, and doing yoga. I believe a good balance of your mental, physical, social, emotional, and academic health is what will help you to succeed, and I am here to help you find the resources you need! You all are capable of changing the world, and every day working with you gives me hope for an incredible future. You all can lead the lives you dream of, and your team at Hanover is here to help!