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Ms. Jennifer Moody


  1. Semester 1: Civics
    Semester 2: Geography
  2. History 8
  3. Psychology
  4. PLAN
  5. World History
  6. US History
  7. Online Foreign Language
  8. Advisory 9

Hello, and welcome to Hornet Nation! My name is Jennifer Moody and I am part of the Amazing High School Team! Currently, I am teaching MS History 8 and HS Civics, Geography, US History, World History, Psychology, and World Languages. I also help out anyone and anywhere needed and refer to myself as a Jack-of-all-Trades, type of person.

My family moved to the Midway area about five years ago. I am a Navy Brat of an Active Duty father (20 years retired) and I am an Army Spouse of an Active Duty husband (14 years and counting). My husband and I have been married 19 years and have three amazing boys. For almost the entire time we have been out here I have volunteered at Prairie Heights Elementary in one capacity or another. 

My professional career actually started about 18th months ago. Within the last 18 months I applied for and received my substitute license and started working at the Elementary school. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, in July 2018. I then started working as a long-term substitute and paraeducator for Hanover School District for the 2019-2020 school year planting firmly in Hanover Junior Senior High. During the last six months or so, I decided to go for my Alternative Teaching License and was accepted into the BOCES Teaching Program and have received my preliminary Teaching License from the Colorado Department of Education. All this while my husband is currently stationed in Korea and our oldest son just graduated from Hanover Junior Senior High (and is currently enrolled in Colorado State University- Pueblo. That’s just all the fun stuff!-Whew).

I am a Military Brat through and through. I was born in Virginia but Arkansas is home. If you meet someone at the school with a bit of a Southern accent with a penchant for calling everyone Ma’am/Sir (even students), and blurting a “Y’all” every so often, You found me! 

The list of things I do not do or have an interest in is much smaller than what I can do and am interested in. For example: I don’t bowl. I am really bad at bowling. I do not like bowling. Everything else, I can do. I draw, sing, quilt, crochet, and cook (be around for the cinnamon rolls sometime!). I can also check my oil, refill fluids, change a tire, build furniture, and just about anything else you can think of. Anything I really want to learn and do, I will! 

Except bowling…. I am really bad at bowling. 

Finally, a copy of this poster is in my classroom. It is my mantra, my pride, and my joy: 

Welcome, to Hanover Junior Senior High, From Ms. Moody!

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Dear Parents, Staff, and Teachers, 
This is not the way I hoped to make first contact with many of you. Unfortunately,  the district has experienced an unfortunate failure that has interrupted the water supply to the Admin and JSHS facilities.   
Because of this, I,  with input from the board, have decided to push school opening at least one week, as we assess the issue and devise a remedy.  For now, new staff will report on August 9th, all staff will be at District training on August 10th, Building training will take place on August 11th, and classes will begin on August 12th. 
Please feel free to contact your school or District administrator if you have any questions. As always I am available to talk at any time. We appreciate your patience during this delay. 
Thank you and we’re looking forward to an excellent new school year for The Hornet Nation. 
Kyle Cooper 
Hanover School District