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Ms. Angel Boessen

Para Educator- Essential Learning and Project Based Learning
[email protected]
Phone: (719) 683 – 2247


  1. Tu/W: Reading Essentials 7 Th/F: Reading Essentials 8
  2. PLAN
  3. Tu/W: Project Based Learning 7 Th/F: Math Essentials 8
  4. Tu/W: PLAN Th/F: Math Essentials 6
  5. Tu/W: PLAN Th/F: Reading Essentials 6
  6. Project Based Learning 8
  7. Tu/W: Math Essentials 7 Th/F: PLAN
  8. Advisory

Hey! I’m Mrs. Boessen but all the students just call me Mrs. B. A little about myself; I am from Missouri and my family was stationed here in 2014 (husband is active duty.) We have four children, 2 at Hanover, 1 at PHE, and 1 getting ready to graduate from Fountain-Fort Carson. I have been married for 14 years come this April. On top of the kiddos, we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 18 chickens.I started with Hanover as a long-term substitute last school year and then went to substituting between both schools. I also became the assistant coach for Middle School Football and Basketball. This year I have become the Reading and Math Essentials Teacher, along with teaching both 7th and 8th-grade PBL classes. I love working with our middle schoolers and seeing all of the progression that they make each day.