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Image result for course catalogThere are a number of things that we have to offer at Hanover School District. The one thing you will notice when walking in our doors is the knowledgeable and friendly front-office staff where students and parents are greeted by name.  The genuine care for your child is evident whether they are not feeling well, have had a fall on the playground, or have exciting news they just want to share.

The Prairie Heights Principal will gladly be your guide for an exciting tour, proudly demonstrating the enthusiasm you will come to recognize as contagious. A walk down the halls of Prairie Heights Elementary finds preschool students learning their colors and letters as well as exploring the world around them. Further down the hall, students learn to count and remember the days of the week and months of the year. Before turning the corner you will hear exciting voices practicing reading skills, encouraging letter sound associations and blends. While reaching for the door to the playground, you will see and hear students working with interventionists to improve math skills or discovering new characters in the books they read. Your nose can’t help but pick up the smells of freshly prepared meals coming from the kitchen as breakfast or lunch are being fixed for the students. Heading back up the “older” students’ hall, you see and hear groups of students incorporating art and music into their lessons. The walls are covered with colorful examples of the students’ work creating a museum-like quality to the hallway. Beyond the main building are the computer lab, library, music and art rooms. All students have opportunities to experience all of these things regularly.

At Hanover Junior and Senior High School Sixth, Seventh and eighth grade students work with a core group of teachers in language arts, mathematics, history, and science. The science class is equipped with two laboratories which provides the students with a number of hands-on learning opportunities throughout the year. Technology is also used within the classrooms and in the conveniently located computer lab, just steps away from their regular classrooms. Each student is provided with a locker and lock to store their books, coats, and personal belongings. Available through the Black Forest League, sixth through eighth grade students can participate in extracurricular activities such as H’ivy league, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and track.

High school students have a wide variety of course offerings with the addition of 24 paths in the Career and Technical Education courses. Because of our small class sizes, most students participate in sports, band, choir, or drama. Each student has the opportunity to have high school experiences that will be important to them for the rest of their lives. Academically, students have the opportunity to take sciences such as Chemistry, Biology, Environmental and Physical Science. World History, U.S.History, Civics and Geography are among the course offerings for Social Studies. Math students practice Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Geometry, and PreCalculus. In addition to core English classes, students have the chance to take electives in Speech, Drama, and Creative Writing. Other electives available Music, Art, Computer Technology, as well as Publications, where students produce the annual school yearbook and monthly newsletters.  Online programs are available for students needing to make up a specific class or a class not offered by our school, with more opportunities coming next year. Intervention and support classes are available for students who have struggled in school as we work to promote students and prepare them for workforce readiness.

Another unique feature of Hanover Junior and Senior High is the addition of the 21st Century Learning program, offered after school for students. With a large supply of netbook computers, two SMART boards and many hands-on activities, the 21st Century program helps students to understand curriculum in new ways by expanding their opportunities. Small staff-to-student ratios make this program something special and each of the students learn and grow in new and exciting ways.

Hanover School District offers an opportunity for learning that brings the future into the present. We encourage you to explore all that we have to offer.

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