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Hanover School District Staff Directory

For your convenience, we have made available the Hanover School District Staff Directory.  Below you will find a list of staff members and the school or department for where they work.  For some of the Jr/Sr High teaching staff, you will find a link to their individual, course websites.  On these websites, you will find upcoming homework assignments, downloadable worksheets, research and resource links, and any news or instructions that the teacher may wish to share.

To E-mail a Staff Member – Simply use the 1st initial of their first name, then their full last name plus  Please view the example provided below.

Administrative Staff:

Tim McNerney – Interim Superintendent

Pat Petrukitas – Business and HR Manager

Karrie Dean – Payables Specialist

Tim McNerney – Principal for Hanover Jr/Sr High School and online school, HS Principal’s Page

Brett Williams – Assistant Principal & Athletic Director, Hanover Jr/Sr High School

Kristin Meents– Administrative Assistant, Hanover Jr/Sr High School

Rhiannon Herrington – Counselor, Hanover Jr/Sr High School and online school – Counselor’s Corner

Vacant – Director of Operations

Chuck Duesling– Transportation Coordinator

Melissa Koehler – Nutrition Services Director

Prairie Heights Elementary Teachers and Staff:

Michele Cheesman – Principal

Brytni Brennan – Administrative Assistant

Jody Moore – Preschool

Pam Burke – Preschool Paraprofessional

Jill York – Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher

Amber Ibarra – Kindergarten/1st Grade Paraprofessional/SAC

Sandra Booker  – 2nd Grade

Rebecca Dunn – 3rd Grade/Music

Madison Everhart – 4th Grade

Susan Konrad – 5th Grade

John Register – PE/Reading Interventionist

Victoria Mueller – Music & Reading Interventionist

Vacant – SPED Paraprofessional

Shawn-Dale Ward – Custodial

Robert Miller – Maintenance

Hanover Jr/Sr High School Teachers and Staff:

Jeffery Portwood – Health and PE

Zane Gilbreth – High School History, Spanish

Lyndsey Lynch – High School Science

Brandon Howland – High School English & Computers

Luke Decker – High School Math including Algebra 1&2, Geometry, and Trigonometry

Alyssa Conklin – Jr. High Language Arts

Brandi McFarland – Jr. High Math

Sam Rued  – Jr. High Science and Social Studies

Bethany Dunn – Art, Yearbook & Publications

Patricia Clark – Music and Choir

Kinny (Kin) Scott – Special Education

Jeannette Thurman – SPED Paraprofessional for High School

Cheryl Smith – SPED Paraprofessional for Jr/Sr High School and Front Office Receptionist Para Professional

Melissa Koehler – Head Cook

Francisca Shatley – Custodial

Hanover Maintenance and Transportation Staff:

Joseph Konrad – Maintenance

Shawn-Dayle Ward – Maintenance

Terri Artz – Transportation

Michelle Messenger- Transportation

Michelle Robertson – Transportation

Ron Howard – Transportation

Robert Gordan- Transportation


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