School Lunch for All Campaigns

Hanover Families,

There are two campaigns launched recently to pressure Congress and USDA to implement a pilot program for the 2020-2021 school year due to the ongoing financial impacts families are experiencing due to COVID-19.

This universal free meals would provide meals for free to all students, regardless of their meal eligibility status and provide reimbursement to the district at the Free meal rate.

We could use your help by signing the petitions today to help our district families!

Campaign 1:  School Lunch for All- 

Campaign can be found at:

Campaign 2:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

By coincidence, coinciding with the School Lunch for All launch, RWJF had a press release/blog this morning titled “To Help Recover From COVID-19, We Need Universal Free School Meals” that urges USDA and members of Congress to act now.  The reputation of this great foundation lends strength to the call for providing universal free meals.  Please take a moment to read the press release and check out their links to associated research and healthy equity principles.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to sign the petitions!

~Hanover District #28

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