Principal Tim McNerney

Interim Superintendent/Principal

Tim McNerney


Hello, and welcome to Hornet Nation! My name is Tim McNerney and I am the Interim Superintendent for the Hanover School District and Principal of the very proud and prideful Hanover Junior/Senior High School Hornets.

I come to the Hanover Public School District in 2018 after spending 14 years in Jefferson County School (9 years at Conifer High School 4 years at Green Mountain High School and 1 year at Sobesky Academy) and 15 years in Denver Public School (DPS) District (3 years at Martin Luther King, Jr MS & 12 years Thomas Jefferson High School (TJHS)). 

My professional career started as a Tennis Pro at the age of 22. This lasted 5 years (had to get a real job sometime, right?!), where I then went to Phoenix Arizona and put my first degree to use as a Computer Systems Analyst and Program Designer.  I decided at that time my passion was not being with a computer 15 hours a day in the boiling heat (I’m a snow bunny not a cactus plant!). It was making a difference in the lives of kids! So, I went to the University of Northern Colorado (U.N.C.), got my teaching license in Marketing Education/Computer Science/and Special Needs and did that for 11 years in DPS. After this period of time, my principal at TJHS came to me one day and said, “Ya know, I think you could touch many more student lives if you were an administrator?! Why don’t you get your type D and go for it?!” So I went to the University of Denver, studied Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, got my 3rd degree and license and the rest is history.

I am Irish through and through. My father was a citizen of Ireland and lived there after serving 30 years as an educator and Professor of Mathematics at U.N.C. in Greeley.  My mother, also Irish (McCaddon) has almost identical lineage. Long and short of it – when I bleed, I bleed green (go Notre Dame!). 

I am a sports and dog enthusiast. I was a volunteer ski patrol for Winter Park Mary Jane Mountain, I love to fish for trout (tie my own flies) in high mountain lakes, I am avid about my weight-training/crossfit routines (gotta keep your balance, right?!), love my golf (not very good, but love to be out there), Saturdays are for Notre Dame Football, and I love my kid…my 3 year old cocker spaniel – Carl (adopted him from Freedom Rescue, don’t have kids, just dogs).  Most importantly – my wife! My first love from 8th grade. We have been together for almost 40 years. She’s an amazing Lady! 

Lastly, I believe everything in the universe happens for a reason – truly. Good, bad, or indifferent – it does. Character is not built in the event, rather, how each of us respond to these events. It is, in my opinion, an opportunity to seize the moment (Latin – Carpe Diem) and learn no matter what the circumstance. I believe I am at Hanover for a reason and that is to make a difference in our young people’s lives; I call it Grade Level 13 Readiness, however you want to define that! I invite you, your neighbors, your son/daughter(s) to come see me and my Administrative Team sometime and explore Hanover Nation. It’s a great place to be! I look forward to seeing you soon.

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