Prairie Heights Elementary School has adopted the enVision Math Common Core program for math in grades kindergarten through fifth. The enVision Math program is fully aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards. The units within the program are called, topics. There are 16 topics in a year for each grade level. Grades K-1 has 132 days of math instruction while grades 2-5 have 142 days of math instruction. Prairie Heights Elementary School students attend school for 150 days in a year. Click on the grade level to find the information about our adopted math program. Each grade level has a Common Core State Standards Correlation, Topic Table of Contents, and Pacing Guide.


The U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences has a What Works Clearinghouse to evaluate different programs used by schools in America. Click on the blue letters to review the report on enVision Math.WhatWorksClearinghouse


To review each grade level’s Common Core State Standard Correlation, Topic Table of Contents and Pacing Guide select from the links below.


K cover page  K CCSS correlation   K Topic Table of Contents   K Pacing Guide

1 cover page   1 CCSS correlation   1 Topic Table of Contents   1 Pacing Guide

2 cover page   2 CCSS correlation   2 Topic Table of Contents   2 Pacing Guide

3 cover page   3 CCSS correlation   3 Topic Table of Contents   3 Pacing Guide

4 cover page   4 CCSS correlation   4 Topic Table of Contents  4 Pacing Guide

5 cover page   5 CCSS correlation   5 Topic Table of Contents   5 Pacing Guide