Parent Portal Online

Hanover School District believes that open, upfront communication between schools, staff, and parents/guardians of our students is a key component to their academic success and hopeful futures.  We provide a very useful tool to our parents which allows them to track their child’s progress, Online Parent Portal.  This tool is free, extremely easy to use and provides parents with a wealth of information about their child.

Parent Portal Benefits:

Attendance & Tardies – Visually track your student’s attendance and tardy records with this automated report.

Grade Card – Print a copy of your student’s report card when ever you need it.

Immunizations – (Coming Soon) Print out a copy of your student’s immunizations.

Screenings – (Coming Soon) Review and print out a copy of your student’s hearing and vision screening results.

Progress Report – A quick and easy way to track your child’s grades and assignments for each class at any point during the school year.

Schedule – Peace-of-mind is knowing where and what class your child is in at any given time of the day.

Transcripts – At the click of your mouse, print out a copy of your child’s transcript.  This is a nifty way to track their credit hours for college.

If you would like to take advantage of the free Online Parent Portal, simply contact the Executive Assistant at your child’s school, and provide them with your current, working e-mail address.  Your account will be created, a password assigned and available for you to use within minutes.

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