Our Vision, Mission and Beliefs

VISION Statement

Hanover School District provides dynamic, relevant educational and creative opportunities and experiences for all students and fosters a close-knit culture where all students succeed, families are welcome, and the community is engaged.

MISSION Statement

The mission of Hanover School District is to foster a safe school environment that promotes positive relationships, individualism and collaboration, caring and  acceptance, respect and responsibility, sensitivity and honesty, while developing the academic skills and character that will serve students throughout their lives.


We will …

  • embrace a growth mindset to help create a successful learning environment.
  • engage in positive behavior support to increase accountability.
  • demonstrate respect and encourage acceptance of all to create a safe environment. 
  • value every child as they are worthy of a good education.
  • provide greater athletic and creative opportunities that are conducive to higher academic achievement.
  • continue to be flexible in order to provide opportunity for growth.
  • optimize class sizes for social and academic success.
  • create an approachable environment gained through casual, yet professional demeanor where strong relationships are built.
  • provide high quality education utilizing a four day week.
  • maintain a caring staff willing to help students succeed.

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