Meet Mrs. Conklin

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My name is Alyssa Conklin. I grew up in Widefield, while going to school I was involved in Soccer and many different groups that helped me get closer to my dream of being an educator, such as Teacher Cadet, Link Crew, NHS, etc. Once I graduated, I was very fortunate to win a full ride scholarship for soccer to a small junior college in Kansas. However, I returned to Colorado after a year, putting my love of soccer on the back burner, so that I could focus more on my teacher education. I graduated in 2014 from CSU-Pueblo. This will be my third year teaching at Hanover and I am so excited to continue my journey at this amazing school.

I live in Colorado Springs with my husband and our wonderful dogs, Monroe and Tallulah. This year we will also be welcoming our first human child, a boy named Keegan. I am due in late September. I plan to work as long as possible because the idea of leaving my students makes me incredibly sad! I will miss them greatly but I also cannot wait to spend as much time as possible with my son and settling in to be a new mom. My maternity leave will last 12 weeks and we are currently on the hunt to find a wonderful long-term sub to take care of the students while I am gone. I will be sure to keep my students and parents updated on all the information regarding my maternity leave.

Now onto the awesome subjects I teach!

English has always been my passion. I love to read and pull apart stories to see what they mean to me and others. My favorite class periods are when I can sit with my students and hear their interpretations on different short stories, poems, novels, etc. My goal as an educator is to show students that even though they think reading, writing, poetry and grammar aren’t the most interesting things to learn about, these things are truly important when it comes to being a successful adult in society. It is also a goal of mine to show them that English Class really can be fun!

Though Social Studies was never at the top of my list as a favorite class, I absolutely loved teaching it the last two years. It is so interesting watching students learn about the world around them and I have grown to love and appreciate the subject. This year I am also adding 8th Grade Social Studies to my class list. I am super excited to jump into something new and can’t wait to learn with my students.

To my students I would like to say, Welcome! I hope this year is fun, exciting, and full of new knowledge for you. I cannot wait to share my classroom with you and I hope you learn as much from me as I will from you