Meet Miss Hall

Hello…. I am Melanie Hall, the middle school math teacher.  I grew up an Air Force brat moving around quite often.  From birth to the age of 10 years, I had lived in six different places around the states and overseas.  My father retired from the AF in California when I was 10.  I remained in the small town of Atwater until I was 20 and got married.  Again my adventure with the Air Force lifestyle began. I was married for 15 years in which I lived in five different places around the states and overseas again.  I like to think the adventures I experienced and the different cultures I was immersed into has helped me to grow an open mind and accepting nature of people’s differences.  I enjoy sharing what I have seen and experienced with my students to let them see there is so much in our world to discover.  My travels aren’t the only thing that I choose to share with my students.  After my divorce, I went from a stay-at-home mother to a working single mom.  I have shared with my students that while I was working full time and being a full time mom to my son attending all of his sports and other extracurricular activities, I also was going to school full time getting my Bachelor’s degree and my teaching license.  By sharing this with them, I hope to help them realize that no matter how difficult your circumstances are that good work ethic and perseverance will pay off in the end.  All things are possible when you go for it and don’t give up!!  Something else I hope to pass onto my students is a love to learn new things, always stretching yourself to try new challenges.  In this new year that is almost coming to an end, I discovered two things that I truly love… fishing… and Kouta, my puppy who is now a whopping 75 lb 9 month old!!  Although this year is moving quicker than I would like, I am looking forward to the start of next year and adding more new experiences to my life.  I love the adventure of exploring new things.

This year along with middles school math ( the best subject ever!) I am also teaching 6th grade science.  While science is not my area of expertise, I must say I am quite enjoying teaching it.  Math has always been my passion because it is so logical and orderly; however, it is rather fun getting to explore the more creative side of myself through the different science projects the kids will be doing.