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Hello Hanover family,

My name is Jeff PORTWOOD (not portman, portland, or anything else).  I was born and raised in Beecher, Illinois on a horse farm. Beecher is about 45 minutes south of Chicago.  I grew up playing every kind of sport, riding horses, riding dirt bikes, and trying not to get caught at whatever I was not supposed to be doing.  Not much has changed. I’m just a little better at some of those things.  

I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in education, Physical Education major and Health Education minor. I moved to Greeley, Colorado in 2011 to teach in a self contained severe autism classroom.  It was one of the best teaching experiences I have ever had and it helped me to be the teacher I am today. Teaching is in my blood and I’ve enjoyed doing it in many different facets for many years. More so, I look forward to continuing my love for teaching and coaching for many years to come. 


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