Message Update from CHSAA-Commissioner, Rhonda Blanford-Green

August 7, 2020

Happy Friday!

Congratulations to the many schools that participated in opening day of the CHSAA 2020-2021 competitive season. We are in the middle of a negative social and media cycle that will subside as the fallacy of operating business as usual becomes the reality.

I would caution against believing click bait articles and state association numbers for resuming. I communicate with my national colleagues weekly and many are hopeful but less than optimistic that they will conduct football this fall. Many keep pushing back resumption dates to keep the criticism at bay. Their main concerns are starting, stopping and cancelling their seasons. Three state associations adopted an incremental resumption model similar to Colorado’s yesterday. The RMAC after reporting a full resumption of all fall sports(last week) changed course and announced yesterday that they were cancelling all fall sports.

 Our programs aren’t isolated by a school’s district decision for what is best for their students but a 100 foot lens that encompasses western, mountain, eastern, southern, northern, plains, metro, public, private, charter, socio-economics, and diverse populations.

We are currently positioned to provide all 29 athletics and activities in 2020-2021 with a seasons, play-offs and championship events per the state’s trajectory models. Is anything 100% assured? No but decisions made by our state and health officials can’t be disregarded by our desire to push traditional norms. Our kids and coaches this past spring and even today, just want to be back on the course, field, courts, polls, and stages. Season of play (football) is secondary to safely resuming participation and supporting the social, emotional and well-being of all our students through education-based activities.

Below is my OP-Ed shared today on CHSAANow!

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