12|19|2016 Denver Field Trip

Every so often I have field trips available for the students of Hanover Jr./Sr. High School and the 5th Grade at Prairie Heights Elementary.

Monday, December 19th, 2016 to Denver for Fish, Mammals, and Mummies

This is an all day field trip leaving from Hanover at 8am and from PPIR at 8:30am. We will start off the day with the fishes and mermaids by visiting the Downtown Denver Aquarium. After the Aquarium we will have sack lunch at the Museum, in the Museum Park weather permitting. At the Museum students will be visiting the two current temporary exhibits. The first is “Mummies” New Secrets from the Tomb”. This exhibit showcases mummies and objects from both Egyptian and Peruvian cultures. Once students have walked through Mummies we will head over to Extreme Mammals, an exhibit of mammal evolution including Narwhals, Pandas, and Irish Elk. We will be leaving the Museum around 4:30/5pm, which means that we will not get back to PPIR or Hanover until after 6pm. This is an all day field trip.

Sack lunch will be provided, but snacks are encouraged.

If you are interested in being a chaperone, please either ClassDojo message me or email me at awaalkes@hanoverhornets.org.

Please look below for images and the Permission Slip.

Image result for denver aquarium poster

Image result for dmns extreme mammals

Image result for dmns extreme mammals flyer