Meet Ms. Waalkes

A Little About Me … 

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Most of my early memories involve stories. There were the family stories of how my grandparents wound up in Colorado, the stories of what it was like growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, the stories of all the family members (believe me there were a lot of them). There were the fairy tales and myths from around the world. Then there were the stories that I found in books, the books in the library, the books in school, and the books that I was given. I learned   to take care of those books, to keep them safe and in good condition, especially those that are my favorites. Stories are part of my life and like many of the characters in those stories they have to travel a rambling path to end up where they need to be.

The same can be said for me. I started my winding path to become a librarian with an Engineering degree from UCCS, while there I thought that it would be fun to become a rollercoaster designer, so I also took classes from PPCC and eventually graduated with a Drafting and a Design degree. From the rollercoaster designer I moved into pure Graphic Design and a Fine Arts degree from Mesa State University. While at Mesa State University I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Italy for a summer to learn bookbinding.

After graduating again, I took a very short break from school and worked for a while, but found that I missed being in school. Stories and books were still so very important to me, so I figured that learning how to take care of them would be a good idea. I began working in a school as a Library tech and enrolled in Graduate School at the University of Denver for Library Information Sciences. Just to make my life more interesting I decided to learn how to take care of those stories and books while sharing those stories with others. So I finished with my Masters degree with a dual concentration in Archives and School Libraries. Hanover School District gave me a place to share my love of stories and a place where I can take care of the books for our students.

I don’t know where my story will go from here, but I look forward to finding out.