Meet Mrs. Konrad

Mrs. Konrad

Hello Hanover/Fountain  Friends and Families,

I ‘ve worked in Hanover District 28 since the Fall of 2000, and moved

to the area in January 2001.  For seven years, I directed several  programs

for our district (behind the scenes), collecting data that was to be reported

to the Colorado Department of Education, in Denver.

Over the years I have watched your children grow like trees, adding a new

ring in their education, as each year came in and passed by.  I’ve had the pleasure of

working with small groups  during interventions; on the subjects of Reading and

Math.  Students have benefitted from my assistance in all grades at some time or

another, it didn’t matter if a student was in Kindergarten or a  Senior.  A shift in my

career changed my focus from intervention with small groups, to my own classroom

again, in 2008. (I taught 4th grade for the state of Indiana in 1974)  I’ve had the pleasure

of teaching  classrooms of students in 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 6th grade, intervention

reading with 7th and 8th graders, and  am please and very excited to have the opportunity

to work with the new 2nd graders this year. I care about all of our students in Hanover;

as  if they were my nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.  I look forward to helping this

years class at Prairie Heights.

My husband and I  have lived on the Colorado Prairie since  Spring of 1981,

we are originally from the states of Michigan and Indiana. Jim from Petersburg,

Michigan and I, from Auburn, Indiana.   Both are small towns in the Midwest.

Jim has never lived in town or a big city, so the plains of Colorado felt like home from

the beginning.  We do love going to the mountains to fish and camp.  We  raised our  son

and daughter in the rural community  of Peyton.  We have  grandchildren from a child

I babysat for when our children were toddlers. They call us as Grammy  and Paw Paw,

they sure enjoy coming to the ranch during their spring  and summer breaks from school.

Fort Carson soldiers have brought their children out to  the ranch to jump on the

trampoline and sometimes  Jim has shown them sites for  gold panning and rock hunting.

My favorite time of the year is Spring, I love watching the flowers come up in the plastic

wading pools, reused as flower beds: and seeing the young animals jump and play in the

fields (some days the ranch feels like Noah’s ark, when strays arrive, looking for a new


We plant and tend a garden every Spring and Summer, we process the extra produce,

and often share extra vegetables with others in our community. The guys hunt in the fall

and process the wild game themselves.   During the quiet winter months we enjoy the

peace and quiet of  Hanover’s rural community.

I look forward to watching your children grow, while helping them improve and

strengthen their academic skills in Reading,Writing and Math.  I will help your

children build positive memories while, learning to build a strong foundation for

the rest of their education.  I am looking forward to meeting with all the familie’s of

this years second graders. I think we are all going to have fun being on the same team.

Mrs. Konrad