Meet Mrs. Good

Hi, I’m Mrs. Good and I’m very excited to be spending the first year that I am in charge of my own classroom with Hanover Junior/Senior High School. As a teacher, I value being able to work toward a common goal, allowing students to grow academically through personal and meaningful connections, and creating a classroom environment where all students are valued and respected. Working with a team of middle school teachers for more than six months has taught me that working as a team is the best way to support students and create a supportive community. Teachers, students, and parents should be able to depend on each other for support and ideas that will better meet student needs and improve their achievement. I also believe that true learning and mastery occurs as students are able to make personal connections between their interests, personal experiences, and new curriculum. I follow Gee’s theory that true and meaningful learning occurs as students use knowledge that they have acquired from every day experiences as the foundation for new and unfamiliar learning. Finally, I find creating a supportive and respectful environment is essential to true student learning. Each student has experiences and knowledge that can contribute to the learning and mastery of other students, but students will not feel comfortable to engage with me or others if they are uncomfortable in my classroom. Every student is valued and deserves to be treated as such. Of course, if anyone, parents or students, ever have any concerns that I am not achieving these values, I encourage and ask for feedback. My ultimate goal is to help students learn and carry that learning outside of my classroom to the world they live in every day.


I graduated in May, 2016 from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) with a Bachelor’s of English with an emphasis in Secondary Education. I applied for my license soon after and so I am certified to teach English in grades 7-12 in the state of Colorado. I did my Student Teaching both at Skyview Middle School and at Vista Ridge High School during the 2015-2016 school year while I was still going through the teaching program at UCCS. I taught 8th grade at the middle school and 9th and 12th at the high school, and after that year I decided that high school was definitely the grade level I wanted to focus on and so started looking for jobs that fell within that grade level. I’d ever actually heard of the Hanover school district until I applied for a job at Ellicott. I originally applied for their English teacher position, but the principal believed that I would be a better fit for the Junior/Senior High School. Soon after I had an interview with the school, was offered the job, accepted the job, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m excited to be working with the school and especially with your students.

I’ve lived out in the country since I was about eleven years old and ridden since I was 8. I love the country life and don’t ever want to move to the city. My husband, who I married on July 13th, 2016, completely agrees with me. My husband and I both went to high school at Colorado Springs Early Colleges where we first met and where I developed a love for education. I was similar to many other students when I entered high school because I absolutely hated doing work and going to school; however, during my freshman year of high school I found two teachers that completely changed my view on learning and pushed me toward my future career. At 14 I decided to focus on a career path that would allow me to teach other students to love learning and persevere through challenges.