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“Generation Schools Network’s mission is to co-create healthy school ecosystems by partnering with educators, students, families and communities to elevate the education experience.

Along with their school improvement work, GSN has been offering their social/emotional program called “Advocacy” and using the Kindness in the Classroom curriculum in 11 rural schools in Colorado.

At Bayfield Primary School, grade level teams decided to work through the same units at the same time in order to keep a consistent message throughout each grade level. Students created artwork representing their interpretations of the concepts being taught to display throughout the school. The school counselor said, “The most significant outcome is witnessing students being able to advocate for their needs, resolve or avoid conflicts and employ the concepts of social emotional learning.”

Student survey results showed that more than 78% of students agree that they have developed skills that will help them succeed in school, work and life and 93% of teachers reported that they have developed meaningful relationships with their students through GSN’s Advocacy Program and use of the Kindness in the Classroom curriculum.” – Random Acts of Kindness


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