Clubs and Activities

There is something for everyone!

Clubs and Activities

Diversity Awareness Club: Our goal in Diversity Awareness Club is to make others aware of people who are different from themselves and give everyone a voice so that we can strengthen our Hanover Hornet community. We plan monthly activities and prizes to celebrate the achievements and community building efforts of all students.

Hivy League: middle school student council

Matchwits: a knowledge competition that is played by teams made up of four individuals answering questions covering all areas of academia. This includes questions from current literature, all the sciences, math, history, geography, and current world events. Hanover competes in the Black Forest League against several other private and public schools. The regular season ends with the BFL Knowledge Bowl competition in which the top teams qualify for state competition.

National Honor Society: The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. We do an individual and community service project each year, as well as participating in Drive Smart Colorado. This club is a great leadership opportunity. You must be invited to apply.

Student Council: In student council, students are nominated by their peers to be the voice of the student body. Student council meets weekly to discuss school events, concerns, and leadership. 

Academic Support: Skills Center

Support during the school day

After school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 6:30pm with activity bus pickup

Student tutoring scheduled by tutor and student

Athletics (after school)











Fine Arts (during school)


Art 6

Art 7/8

High School Art

Oil Painting

Digital Art


Band 6

Band 7/8

Choir 6

Choir 7/8

Drama 7

High School Band

High School Choir

High School Drama

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