Meet Mr. Carpenter

Parents if at any time throughout the year you need to contact me you may email, or call the school. If you want to see what your student has for Homework please check Class DoJo. ClassDojo

Also, Parents please check your students planner every evening, their homework should be listed there as well.


Now a little bit about me.


I was born at a very early age, and have continued to live ever since.  After High School I followed those famous words of Horace Greeley and went West .  I joined the Army, after twenty-two years, six months, eighteen days, and the fact they wanted me to go farther west again, to Korea, I retired.  While in the Army I attended several collages and universities, upon retirement, I completed my teaching degree and  began my career as a public school educator.  This is my eighteenth year in fifth grade; hopefully I have it right by now.  As many of you know this is my last year in fifth grade, I will graduate at  the end of this year.  I am retiring once again, this time for good. I have really enjoyed working with fifth graders and have tried to get the most out of them, as much of the time as possible. With the help of parents, together, maybe we have squeeze a little bit more out of them.


As Teddy once said “Old age is like everything else, in order to be successful at it you have to start young.” I add this, that you have to practice, and only with perfect practice will you get better.  Education is the same, students start at a young age at home learning from everything around them.  As they get older they take in more and more.  We have to insure what they take in is the right stuff and we need to make sure they practice until they know it.  I will check to make sure it is done correctly, if you will insure homework is done every night.

I want to thank each and every student I have had, and their parents for making this a wonderful sixteen years at Hanover School district.