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The Board of Education is going through a multi-month review of all policies, regulations and exhibits in 2018. Any policy listed here has not been reviewed/ updated by the Board. Be sure yo go through the updated policies linked on the Board Policies main page.


GAA Personnel Goals and Objectives
GASP Permission to Carry Concealed Handguns on School Grounds
GASP-E Concealed Carry Compliance Checklist – Exhibit
GBA Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity
GBAA Sexual Discrimination and Harassment
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
BEB Staff Conduct (and Responsibilities)
GBEBA Staff Dress Code
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace (Drug and Alcohol Use by Staff Members)
GBED Tobacco Free Workplace
GBEE* Staff Internet Use
GBEE*-E Staff Internet Use —Exhibit
GBG Liability of School Personnel/Staff Protection
GBGAB First Aid Training
GBGB Staff Personal Security and Safety
GBGD Workers’ Compensation
GBGE Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave
GBGG Staff Annual Leave
GBGI Staff Military Leave
GBGJ Staff Bereavement Leave
GBGK Staff Legal Leave
GBJ Personnel Records and Files
GBK Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances
GCBC Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans/Overtime
GCC Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCC-R Professional Stall Leaves and Absences Regulations
GCE/GCF-R Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring — Regulation
GCFA Hiring of Instructional Staff / Portability of Nonprobationary Status
GCG/GCGA Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment/Qualifications
GCHA/GCHB Mentor Teachers/Administrators
GCHC* Professional Staff Induction Program
GCI Professional Staff Development
GCKA Instructional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCKAA Teacher Displacement
GCKAA-R Teacher Displacement – Regulation
GCKB Professional/Administrator Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCL – Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars
GCO Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
GCO-R Evaluation of Licensed Personnel – Regulation
GCOA Evaluation of Instructional Staff
GCOA-R Evaluation of Instructional Staff — Regulation
GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff
GCOE* Evaluation of Evaluators
GCQEA Transitional Retirement Plan
GCQEA-R Guidelines for Employment of Retired Persons
GDBA Support Staff Schedules/Calendars
GDBA-E Classified Staff Salary Table
GDBA-R Unscheduled Closure Process for Hourly Classified Staff – Regulation
GDBC Support Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime
GDE/GDF Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GDE/GDF-R Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring — Regulation
GDG Part-Time and Substitute Support Staff Employment
GDM Support Staff Career Development
GDO Evaluation of Support Staff
GDQB Resignation of Support Staff
GDQD Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff

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