From Ms Hesse’s Class…


I enjoy learning while traveling each summer. I find the National Parks, each hike, each museum visit connects me to so many possibilities of what I can further teach my students. I’m a weird kid at heart. I like finding bioluminescent (the production o f light by living organisms) worms on a hike near Manitou Springs – or seeing fireflies(also bioluminescent) in the midwest or eastern seaboard areas. They’re just fascinating to me. Or finding out that Yellowstone National Park (with all its extremely hot springs and geysers) is really a giant volcano without the typical cone-shaped mountain! Or that there is so much wildlife in Colorado’s Rocky Mtn. National Park, that seeing literally thousands of elk or over 10 moose in a given day almost seems, well, boring after seeing so many. And I still watch every sunrise or set, or every huge storm cloud as I drive in to Hanover….not to mention the display of wild turkeys every spring on a beautiful ranch I pass. I kinda like to pass these things on to my kids….

I am in my third Art teaching year, and love this community. I found during my first year at Hanover Jr/Sr High that the students, staff and board members know each other well, like neighbors. In fact, most staff and board members are locals. I have enjoyed becoming a part of this vital community as its Art, Yearbook, Financial Literacy and Business 101 teacher….and as a friend or listening ear to whomever may enter my classroom doors.

I am aiming to have each class I teach be not only interesting but fun – certain goals for learning. And I am looking forward to continuing the building of good student relationships