7th Grade I.C.A.P.

Why Are We Career Planning Already?

“The National Career Development Association recommends that middle school students learn about themselves by developing awareness of their occupational interests, aptitudes and career values; gaining an understanding of the value and concept of work; and making preliminary occupational choices that are open to change. Self-knowledge is a necessary first step toward developing decision-making skills for education and careers, even as goals and interests change over time. Research has identified middle school as a time when students can benefit the most from career exploration. In addition, middle schoolers’ brains are receptive to developing the competencies known as 21st-century skills, non-cognitive skills, soft skills or employability skills. These skills include critical thinking, adaptability, problem solving, oral and written communications, collaboration, creativity, responsibility, professionalism, ethics and technology use. Employers report that employability skills are critical to the workforce, and many are also positively associated with academic achievement and post-secondary success.” – ACTE

Supporting Research

Career Exploration in Middle School by the Association of Career and Technical Education

Career Readiness For All by Coalition for Career Development C

Individual Learning Plan Fact Sheet by National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth



  • Goals
  • Why Try: Reality Ride


  • Why Try: Get Plugged In


  • Career Cluster Finder
  • Why Try: Labels


  • Why Try: Motivation Formula


  • Add Clusters to Favorites
  • Why Try: Climbing Out


  • Why Try: Lift the Weight


  • 3 Roadtrip Nation Videos and Survey
  • Why Try: Jumping Hurdles


  • Why Try: Desire, Time, and Effort


  • Start building resume
  • Why Try: Defense Mechanisms


  • Why Try: The Wall

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