10th Grade I.C.A.P.

10th Grade I.C.A.P.



As a Class: Contract
SEL: Starting Strong
Naviance: SMART Goals


As a Class: Time Management and Organization
SEL: Get Plugged In
Naviance: Career Interest Profiler


As a Class: Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation
SEL: Labels
Naviance: Professional Communication Skills


As a Class: Coping with Crisis
SEL: Motivation Formula
Naviance: Housing


As a Class: Contract Review
SEL: Climbing Out
Naviance: Goal Review


As a Class: Growth Mindset
SEL: Desire, Time, and Effort
Naviance: Exploring College Options


As a Class: Healthy Relationships
SEL: Jumping Hurdles
Naviance: Resume Scavenger Hunt


As a Class: Mindfulness
SEL: Defense Mechanisms
Naviance: Resume Building


As a Class: Effective Communication
SEL: Lift the Weight
Naviance: Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies


As a Class: Exploring Culture, Identity, and Social Justice
SEL: The Wall
Naviance: Goal Review


What is ICAP?

ICAP is Colorado’s Individual Career and Academic Plan. Here at Hanover, we combine education about careers and the education or training needed, life skills, financial planning, communication skills, academic support and planning, and social/emotional skills to prepare you for “Grade Level 13 Readiness.”

Grade Level 13 Readiness

This means that you are prepared for your future beyond Hanover Jr/Sr High School.

Key steps to being Grade Level 13 ready this year are…

  • ~Exploring post-secondary training or education options
  • ~Have a graduation path chosen
  • ~Have narrowed your options down for Grade Level 13 options

By the end of the year, students will be able to…

  • ~Analyze the interrelationship of physical, mental, emotional, and social health (CDE Comprehensive Health Standards, HS, 3.3)
  • ~Set goals and monitor progress on attaining goals for future success (CDE Comprehensive Health Standards, HS, 3.3)
  • ~Advocate to improve or maintain positive mental, emotional well-being for self and others (CDE Comprehensive Health Standards, HS, 3.3)
  • ~Make Progress Towards Grade Level 13 Readiness in the areas listed as ICAP Quality Indicators: Personal Awareness, Career Awareness, Postsecondary Aspirations, Postsecondary Options, Environmental Expectations, Academic Planning, and Employability Skills

The following resources can help you prepare for this future!

Academic Planning

Graduation Credit Tracking Form

Graduation Requirements


Schedule Change Form

Career and Future Exploration

Naviance Student

My Colorado Journey

Colorado Workforce Center: Connecting Colorado

US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

Occupation Exploration

Career Start / Concurrent Enrollment at PPCC

Financial Planning



Money Management


Earning Power


Financial Services


FDIC Money Smart for Young People



Bullying Report Form

Check-In with Mrs. Nina Request Form

Crisis Resources

Mental Health Resources

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